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GENRE Rock, Blues, Doom, Stoner with a garnish of parsley.
HOME London, UK

Jack Townley (Guitar, Vocals) / Peter Holland (Bass, Vocals) / Riley MacIntyre (Production, Sitar, Vocals) / Sam Hart (Drums)


ELEPHANT TREE are a relatively new band blasting a combination of ballsy blues rock and heavy riffs, who, after cutting their teeth in the London metal scene, have established a place within the current growing Stoner Metal genre. Their self-tilted sophomore released in April 2016 is spaced out, bizarre, unafraid to expand what doom can be, and featured in many “top of 2016” lists...


Both hailing from the North of England, Jack and Sam came together through work and a mutual interest in anything musically heavy. After the addition of Canadian producer extraordinaire Riley and stalwart southerner Pete, of Trippy Wicked and Stubb heritage, the line-up was complete.


Theia” was promptly recorded in the summer of 2014, followed swiftly by the band being picked up by American record label Magnetic Eye Records. A year of solid gigging and a European Tour later, the self-titled ELEPHANT TREE album was recorded at The Church Studios in Crouch End, London. Following on from the release and the critics praises, the UK Tour as the main support of Mars Red Sky went off successfully with a number of return gigs booked up and down the UK and interest in seeing the band growing overseas.


Moving into 2017, the band have been commissioned to write a track for the ambitious The Planet Of Doom feature length animation. They played both Desertfests in April and Freak Valley in June, they took part in Psycho Las Vegas the following summer, and Keep It Low during the fall. In September 2018, they did a massive European Tour with Mothership and Stoned Jesus, after what they entered in the studio to release a new album. More news and shows coming soon!