Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By -

Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By

Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By - consider, that

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Ten Little Indians is the collection of short stories by Sherman Alexie. Native American Literature is a popular form of literature.

Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By

Alexie is one of the native Indian American writers who wrote a lot about the contemporary lives of native Indians. His works are comprised of native Indians and he tries to trace out their roots to their ancestors and their relationship with White Americans. Ten Little Indians comprises of nine short stories but here we are discussing some of these short stories. The importance of relationships, rituals, values and traditions can be seen in this Short Story collection by Sherman Alexie. Ten Little Indians is more about those Native Americans who have left their ancestor Tne and living among the White Americans. The Search Engine is a story about a girl Corliss.

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Almost every work of Alexie constitute characters that surround themselves amid of books. The girl Corliss wants to become a poetess. The man has the typical hair as every Red Indian suppose to be. There is a detail description of the physical appearance of every character that Alexie presents before us by other characters. There is a hybrid identity of every Red Indian as they called by white Americans. They have their roots in their ancient culture but they are surviving with white Americans by maintaining a relationship with them. Corliss has a great interest in books and has a strong relationship with libraries that she often visits. She wanted to be buried in a coffin filled with used paperbacks.

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The story depicts how Spokane Indian writes have forgotten by the world and White Americans have taken their place. In libraries, their books are placed, but on the front row, there are always white Americans. Most people have no idea that Red Indians have written any book. The story consists of a Spokane Indian poet, Harlan Atwater. Corliss has no idea about this poet, instead of the fact that she and her ancestors belong to Spokane Indian reservation. The librarian tells Corliss that she is the first person here has issued Atwater book instead of the fact that they had this book since Corliss gets worried by knowing the fact that most of the books in the library are unread.

The reference in of Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By unread books also depicts the modern life people preference as the librarian tell Corliss not only the 60 per cent out of the two million, one hundred thousand and eleven books of this library are unread.

Also, the eighteen million books of other libraries are also unread.

Analysis Of The Poem The Fork By

This shows that modern people have no interest to go to libraries and read books. The appearance of both books shows the difference between people priorities.]

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