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Juvenile delinquency persists within every area, group, class, religion or even caste. There is a very thin line Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures difference between deviance and delinquency. It is on this thin line that the causes and the impact Delinqunet delinquency come into the picture.

Juvenile delinquency is the phenomenon where criminal activity is performed by the minor, who are generally considered to be under the age of 18 years. Actions, more info or behavior which violate the law can be Ceiminal to reasons such as conduct disorder, clinical mental health disorders which violates a certain structure of societal norms, delinquency on the other hand constitutes one act and the conduct disorder would include a particular pattern of antisocial behavior over a period of time. Thus juvenile delinquency can be a part of all the behavioral challenges and changes that occur during the adolescence period.

The degree and gravity of the same can be determined only when its consequence results in an offence punishable by law.

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A juvenile is any individual who is under 18 years of age. However, the age limit can also be determined by the law in order to ensure they anr not deprived of their liberty. Juvenile is a child who has not attained the age of majority, to be tried like an adult under Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures law to be held liable for the crimes committed. There is a significant difference between the Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures juvenile and minor. They cannot be used interchangeably. Minor more info to the legal capacity or majority, whereas juvenile refers to young criminal offenders.

In general, juvenile delinquency is SSubcultures as a participation of minors between the age group of 7 and 18, in the activities punishable by the law. An individual is said to be an individual delinquent when, he behaves or performs any act which is dangerous to the society and for him as an individual.

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The scope of the juvenile delinquent acts are enumerated in the statutes of the respective states. Individuals who demonstrate behaviors that do not conform to the social norm or youthful behavior cannot be taken to be as juvenile delinquents since such mannerism are often part of the maturation and growth process and tends to disappear spontaneously in most individuals with the transition to adulthood. At the same time it is imperative to be aware that juveniles tend to most often create or choose a group which has a particular subculture. This culture subsequently over a period of time encourages them to perform criminal activities like that of an adult and thus choosing to become a juvenile Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures.

Since juvenile delinquency is a global Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures, we need to look at the causes and remedies for the same from a broader perspective. Various studies highlight the fact that, the sudden changes in adolescents are inevitable and it is due to a hormonal surge which is associated with puberty.

What can be seen very prominently is the physical changes in the body of an individual. What cannot be seen and if often undermined are the mental and sexual changes alongside attaining maturity. There are various perspectives with respect to social factors. In involves discrimination and issues related to class, culture, employment opportunities, poverty, education and family background. Juveniles develop delinquent tendencies due to peer pressure regarding their cultural deprivation, frustrations regarding their status in the society. Read article delinquents often give up the positive values or norms and try to Criminal and Delinquent Subcultures the same by acting tough and indulging in activities irrespective of the consequences [3] for the reason that it gives them an excitement.

It is to be kept in mind that the diagnosis of personality or mental health disorder cannot be made when it comes to a minor. At the same time, the disorders can be identified through behavior patterns over a period of time. Subsequently this leads to the ego that turns that individual into an antisocial person. Various biological studies state that the factors which cause delinquent behavior in juveniles can be due to the genetic makeup. They are not chained or restricted by these genetic makeups. However, it does push the individuals towards such delinquent behavior.]

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