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What drives a successful legal organization today? Business-as-usual is no longer adequate for the challenges of the 21st century, particularly as our world navigates the devastating socio-economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and public health crisis. There is a pervasive sense of anxiety cutting across the legal profession. And, in this business environment, the ability for a legal professional to quickly establish and build trust has become a particularly important skillset, particularly where partnerships and strategic alliances are common practice. Because trust — or lack thereof — is a leading indicator of whether others will evaluate a lawyer or legal professional either positively or negatively. Which comes first, being liked or trusted? Being a high functioning legal professional is not just having the technical skills, as important as they are. You also need well-developed emotional intelligence EQ , interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships. Legal leaders and lawyers today must work to master the business of law, because the practice of law is table-stakes, and because trust is the essential business element for lawyers to be selected for high-stakes matters and to be able to deliver extraordinary results in an enduring way. And trust and reciprocity are considered to be the foundation of all human interaction. Emotional Intelligence And Effective Leadership Emotional Intelligence And Effective Leadership

Imagine that you are an internal consultant to an organization of your choosing and the CEO has tasked you with preparing a presentation for the Board of Directors on what emotional intelligence is, and its influence on leadership and the people within the organization.

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You will create the presentation using PowerPoint or other equivalent software. In preparation for this assignment, review the following additional resources Leaadership emotional intelligence:. Batool, B. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 4 3 Note : Available in the Strayer Library. Robbins, S. Organizational behavior 16th ed. Note : Refer to Chapter 3.

Emotional Intelligence And Effective Leadership

PowerPoint Resources Review the videos in the lynda. Note : Refer to Chapter 3 Prepare an eight to ten slide presentation in which you: Fully explain emotional intelligence, and give two 2 examples of the concept.


Speculate on at least two 2 possible consequences should a leader not possess emotional intelligence. Explore the elements of emotional intelligence that leaders must be aware of to increase leadership effectiveness. Recommend a strategy that the organization could undertake in order to improve the social skills of leaders within the organization and thereby positively influence their emotional intelligence. Support your recommendation with specific examples that illustrate why the strategy would be effective. Use at least three 3 quality academic references in this assignment. You may include the resource s provided in the assignment. Note : Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource.

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Include an APA formatted reference section. The title and references slides are not included in the required slide length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Explore how individual differences, personality traits, and perspectives impact the productivity Leadrrship an organization.

Use technology and information resources to research issues link leadership and organizational behavior.

Emotional Intelligence And Effective Leadership

Write clearly and concisely about leadership and organizational behavior using proper writing mechanics.]

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