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Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria - apologise

Freddy McConnell, a year-old freelance journalist who works for the Guardian, gave birth in after suspending his hormone treatment. He had hoped to challenge an appeal court ruling this spring that motherhood is defined as being pregnant and giving birth regardless of whether the person who does so was considered a man or a woman in law. McConnell began medical transition with testosterone therapy in , and in underwent a double mastectomy. His passport and NHS records were changed to show he was male, but he retained his female reproductive system. He gave birth after suspending his hormone treatment and allowing his menstrual cycle to restart. McConnell had argued this breached the Human Rights Act. I feel I am too deep into this to stop now. Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria

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Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria

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Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria

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Importance Of Birth Registration In Nigeria

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