Mergers and Acquisition -

Mergers and Acquisition

The decade saw a slowdown of many developed and emerging economies. This slowdown made business enterprises think about the strategies which are viable to sustain growth. Many companies choose the way of combing the business to form a new entity and face the adverse situation with new zeal.

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We have Acqquisition out the 15 biggest mergers and acquisitions that marked the change in the business strategy of the companies in an attempt to survive and grow in the new business Mergers and Acquisition. This deal was the biggest of and of the decade. Verizon bought the stake of Vodafone in Verizon Wireless. Dow Chemical Co. The combined company will be named DowDupont which will later split into three independent, publicly traded companies. The speculation was in the air before the acquisition that was confirmed by both the companies in November The merger of H. Heinz Co. The company is expected to be the fifth-largest food company in respect of sales.

Mergers and Acquisition

The agreement to form the new company was adopted unanimously by both of them. This was one of the major news in the business world for the year So big, that US legal department has to interfere to sort out the issue. The U. Department of Justice who was opposing the deal, in a statement, said that the government will not try to prevent the deal between two companies. This was a combination of merger and acquisition in which we saw Charter Communications, Mergers and Acquisition. This was the biggest buy out in the history of the entertainment industry.

2. Dow and DuPont combine businesses

Walt Disney Co. The intention behind the deal is to become a major player in video Mergers and Acquisition on the internet. Disney over the year focused on a bigger screen to distribute its product, but millennials are watching less TV and consuming more content from the internet. Merhers saw the rise of video streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Mergers and Acquisition

The acquisition of Aetna by CVS came forth inhad drastically remapped the health care industry. CVS is a big drugstore chain and prescription drug insurer and Aetna was one the largest health insurer of the US.

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To date, it is considered one of the biggest deals in health insurance history. The deal had to be first approved by antitrust regulators who were quite skeptical of this acquisition. The deal is set after getting the nod from the Department of Justice and was waiting for Mergers and Acquisition approval from state insurance agencies. The deal was closed in December With this milestone agreement, the company is planning to establish a plan to further enhancing healthcare by implementing a model that is flexible and affordable. This will help in lower healthcare costs and provide better health services. United Technologies Corp. This will be the biggest merger in the aviation industry.

Mergers and Acquisition

It will make the new company the second-largest aerospace company in terms of sales. The deal is the sign of decreasing military spending and the need for companies to invest in new technologies on their own. The deal will make Dell and EMC the largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company.]

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