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The Life Of Jesus The Life Of The Life Of Jesus The Life Of

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So how, exactly, does the Lord Jesus Christ see each member of humanity? The answer, it turns out, is more relevant than ever—and has three parts.

The Life Of Jesus The Life Of

People in the churches we lead need to know! At the risk of oversimplifying what the Bible teaches, allow me to use the image of three concentric circles. Again, this will greatly help us understand how Jesus saw others during His earthly public ministry—and how He wants us to see people today. The Church is made up of all true followers and disciples of Jesus Christ from A. Look at what the apostle John wrote in the opening verses of the second to last more info of the last book of the Bible. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

The Life Of Jesus The Life Of

Instead, the exclamation point of heaven is God with us—and with men and women from every nation, culture, and people group. So who do we find in heaven? We see the Church referred to again in Revelation a, the last red letter verse in the Bible.

It also includes many others who live outside the Church.

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We see this in Revelationwhere we read that the eternal city of God has twelve gates. Two former Muslims, who now are outstanding evangelists proclaiming the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, keep me spellbound. They and many others tell us that Muslims are coming to Jesus Christ by the hundreds of thousands around the world. One of the most amazing things is how many report that they first heard from Jesus Christ Himself, who appears to them in dreams and visions. You see, God can use anyone to advance The Life Of Jesus The Life Of purposes here on earth Daniel 2 The Life Of Jesus The Life Of, 4, 6 and Romans And the leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations.

It puts a whole new perspective on everything in this life—as we look back through history, as we look at the 21st century so far, and as we look ahead to what may be coming. God not only can use anyone to advance His purposes, but God often uses them as a means of drawing these individuals into His Family. The reality is, the more opposed someone is when God starts using them, the more likely that the one go here Lord God will draw them to faith in Him. It sounds counterintuitive, but we see this over and over in Scripture, in Church history, in modern biography, and in contemporary experience. The best example of this is the Syrian military commander Namaan, the archenemy of the kingdom of Israel during the days of Elisha the prophet.

The Life Of Jesus The Life Of

The third best example is Saul, whom Jesus confronted on the road to Damascus. In their day they each qualified as the worst of sinners. Yet God! Citizens are going to spend eternity with God. Servants may or may not. Heaven and hell are both real. Who is Jesus using in your hometown, in national politics, on Wall Street, in the sports world, in the entertainment world?

Who comes to mind? Have you ever prayed for God to use them? Have you ever wanted to see Jesus transform their lives?]

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