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In the method, called cooled radio-frequency ablation, needles are placed on the main sensory nerves around the shoulder and hip joints, the researchers said. The nerves, which cause the body to feel pain, are then treated with a low-grade current known as radio frequency that "stuns" them, slowing the transmission of pain to the brain, they said. The procedure could help the need for potentially addictive opioid-based pain relievers in people with moderate to severe arthritis pain, the researchers said. Felix M. Gonzalez said in a statement. Historically, people with moderate to severe pain related to osteoarthritis have had limited treatment options -- including the injection of corticosteroids into the affected joints -- that tend to grow less effective as the arthritis progresses and worsens, according to Gonzalez and his colleagues. Without pain relief, patients with this form of arthritis face the possibility of joint replacement surgery, but many aren't candidates for these procedures due to other, underling health reasons, the researchers said. For this study, 23 people -- 12 with shoulder pain and 11 with hip pain -- with osteoarthritis underwent treatment, the researchers said. The Pain and the Promise a Story

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Rutgers is open and operating. The fall semester combines a majority of remotely delivered instruction with a limited number of in-person classes. Take precautions and use the My Campus Pass app before coming to campus.

The Pain and the Promise a Story

Thee Brunswick's Donna Murch talks about the history of making voting more difficult, how it is being used now and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future. More students are aware of the Rutgers Student Food Pantry at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and report using the pantry than they did inaccording to the findings of a survey that were presented on campus Thursday. Myles Johnson, who is studying engineering, launched BLKdev after a lifetime of not seeing many others like him in the classroom.

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Mason Gross doctoral student Laura Palm is adding a performance degree to her medical background to treat repetitive-use injuries in musicians like herself. For more information.

The Pain and the Promise a Story

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The Pain and the Promise a Story

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