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Refworks Account Login. Open Collections. UBC Theses and Dissertations. Featured Collection. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Sustainable development brings new imperatives to the practice o f planning, bringing attention to the need to develop within the earth's carrying capacity. The creation and implementation of sustainable development policy is fundamentally a cultural issue. The Theory Of Communication Power

Theory of Communication and Justice [Hardback]. The Theory Of Communication Power Human rights Communication - Political aspects Justice. In communication seeking to define justice and call out injustice, there is such a thing as the last word. The chapters in this book trace the historical emergence of communication as a human right; specify the technological resources and institutional frameworks necessary exercising that right; and address some of the challenges following from digitalization that currently confront citizens, national regulators, and international agencies.

Among the issues covered are public access to information archives past and present; local and global networks of communication as sources of personal identities and imagined communities; the ongoing reconfiguration of the press as a fourth branch of governance; and privacy The Theory Of Communication Power a precondition for individuals and collectives to live their lives according to plans, and to make their own histories.

The book will be of interest to students and researchers in media and communication studies, cultural studies, political philosophy and ethics, and interdisciplinary fields examining the ethical and political of new information and communication infrastructures. Show more Show less.

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A timely and scholarly work that focuses attention on the imperative to deepen the normative turn in communication studies and the communicative turn in philosophy, with focus on the articulation and practice of the contested concept of justice. Drawing on a diverse range of philosophical traditions and thinkers through a communications lens, Jensen succeeds in bringing together hTeory and communications research to propose a seminal theory of justice that speaks to our contemporary global dilemmas. Anjali Monteiro, Tata Institute Global Crime Sex Trafficking Social Sciences, Mumbai In a world seemingly dominated by polarization and disinformation, Klaus Bruhn Jensen's impressive mastery of both classic philosophy and modern communication science gives his readers a new perspective on how human communication and social justice are fundamentally intertwined.

Russell Neuman, New York University How can communication research and theory advance the cause of justice in the world? Klaus Bruhn Jensen's theory of communication and justice illuminates many possibilities in the spaces between what Communkcation, what ought be, and what could be. Robert T. Craig, University of Colorado Boulder Grounded in a compelling narrative arc from Charles Sanders Peirce to John Rawls, Klaus Bruhn Jensen provides us with The Theory Of Communication Power fresh pragmatist philosophy that recognizes communication and its accompanying goods not only as human rights but as engines of The Theory Of Communication Power growth.

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John Durham Peters, Yale University In an era marked by disturbing shifts towards populism, nativism, identity politics and cancel culture, justice must be done and seen to be done. Communication on and of justice are therefore key. Drawing deeply on philosophical theories and the core foundations of the discipline of communication, Klaus Bruhn Jensen provides us with a reflective and provocative exposition of how justice and communication are deeply intertwined. Sun Sun Lim, Singapore University of Technology and Design Klaus Bruhn Jensen presents a timely deliberation on communication and justice that links philosophy and communication studies to explore theories The Theory Of Communication Power practices pertaining to this crucially important matter. Drawing on ethics and pragmatist inquiry, Jensen considers communication as action and suggests a communicative turn that may help us to better understand various forms of justice, including essential environmental concerns.

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This insightful book should to be taken very seriously by academics, policy-makers and the public. Janet Wasko, University of Oregon Jensen offers Commnuication a normative theory of communication informed by an historically informed analysis of philosophy and communication theory. His goal is to understand how human communication can better contribute to fairness and justice. Treating communication both as a condition of being and becoming and as deliberative action, its potentials and limitations are critically weighed to assess how communication might make a practical difference.

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An inspiring and provocative foundation is provided for assessing entitlements to reflection and deliberation in a way that also will spark novel empirical research agendas. The volume travels through the history of ideas to explore the meeting points and different avenues of communication research and classic philosophy, as they relate to justice. In a theory-rich, yet practice-oriented, manner, Klaus Bruhn Jensen convincingly argues that the study of communication can and should engage with debates about justice. Preface 1 The end of communication What is, what ought to be, and what could be Turns of philosophy Theories of communication Justice - an essentially contested concept Communication as action The chapters of the volume 2 A brief history of justice Between chance and necessity The prehistory of justice Three traditions of justice Do good - virtue ethics Do the right thing - deontology Do the math - consequentialism The global futures of The Theory Of Communication Power Migration as communication Communication as migration Does the world still need a theory of justice?

His research centers on communication theories and research methodologies regarding digital media. Iet uz iepirkumu grozu.]

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