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Yin blood is the material foundation of Yang mind. If your body has abundant blood you will be naturally content. Your mental well-being is dependent on the quality of blood in your body. The Body and Mind In TCM each organ is associated with a different emotion, and this is another way of looking at the relationship between body and mind. Emotional disturbances interfere with proper organ function — strong negative emotions distract organs from doing their jobs.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm 3 days ago · Introduction: Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that results in the inflammation and narrowing of lack of curative therapies for asthma has led to an increased use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) worldwide. This review aims to evaluate the mechanism of action (MOA) of TCM for used for treatment of asthma. 3 days ago · While modern medicine explains immunity in terms of cells, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at immunity from the perspective of the body’s vital energy called qi. The immune system. As far as the immune system is concerned, three types of qi are important — wei qi, ying qi, and yuan qi. Wei qi refers to the body’s outer immune system. 4 days ago · In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is understood that all disease is the result of disharmony. The disharmony may be in: the qi and blood system; the yin/yang balance; an organ (Zang fu) a meridian, or the interaction between the human body and the environment.
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Maintaining a strong immune system is a key factor in ensuring that diseases are kept away as much as possible. As far as the immune system is concerned, three types of qi are important — wei qiying qi, and yuan qi.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm

In fact, a large portion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm overall immunity is said to be dependent on wei qiwhich acts as a protective blanket of your body. Ying qi refers to the immunity that you gain from consuming food. If you consume good, nutritious food, it will inevitably contribute to the strengthening of your immune system. Without proper nutrition, your immune system will only become weaker over time.

Yuan qi is the protective energy comes from the kidneys.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm

This energy is believed to activate the essence of the blood, thus ensuring that the oxygen circulation system keeps functioning optimally. A healthy body is that which has a balanced flow of various types of qi.

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To check whether you have weak immunity, take a picture of your tongue. Other signs of a poor immune system include digestive issues, chronic fatigue, frequent cold or aches, chronic skin conditions, etc. Traditiinal offers several ways to boost immune system health. As such, it is recommended that you consume yellow-colored food.

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This is thought to improve gut health. Ideal yellow foods to eat include ginger, sweet potato, turmeric, pumpkin, etc. TCM recommends eating foods that are in season. A lack of sleep and chronic stress can lead to the weakening of qi and the Medcine system. TCM places high importance on getting proper rest.


You should sleep for at least 7 hours every day. Some people cut down on their weekday sleep, thinking that they can compensate for it by sleeping longer hours at the weekends. Unfortunately, such a move can end up affecting the overall quality of your sleep. Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm immunity-boosting solution from TCM is acupuncture massage. Three points are of key importance — zhong Chiheseqi haiand guan yuan. You can either use finger massage or palm massage on these three acupressure points. For finger massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm the point and rotate your fingers up to 5 minutes at one time. For palm massage, place one palm facing the abdomen and the other palm on top of the first palm. Then, rotate them together for a period of 10 to 15 minutes per time. TCM recommends the consumption of various medicinal herbs to boost your immunity.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm

These include Asian ginseng and Ganoderma. Asian ginseng has excellent anti-inflammatory effects continue reading addition to high immune-boosting properties.

Asian ginseng is also known to sharpen the mind and cut down stress. In case you are troubled by your blood sugar level, you can use Asian Medicime to keep it under control. As far as immune health is concerned, consuming Ganoderma can raise the number of white blood cells as well as boost immunity. We keep a close eye on China because of its influence now and the lessons we can learn from its ancient past to better our lives Traditional Chinese Medicine Tcm

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