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The purpose of this assignment is to review marketing strategies used by two different companies in the same industry. The assignment evaluates types of marketing, pricing, and consumer-oriented promotional strategies that these leading companies within the product group use. Sports apparel companies, Nike and Adidas have been chosen for this study. Both Adidas and Nike are reputable companies in the world with sports apparel, sports equipment and accessories. Many buyers expect these giant companies to deliver the best products because of their premium prices. Nikes has always focused on promotional strategies that involve celebrity endorsement. On the other hand, Adidas has also increased its celebrity endorsement to gain international recognition. During the London Olympic, however, Nike did not go for celebrity endorsers but instead focused on regular athletes to create brand exposure. This was an ambush marketing strategy to outdo competitors during the major event Meenaghan, During the soccer World Cup , however, Adidas also launched an ambush marketing campaign way back in featuring soccer fans and celebrities, including Samuel L. Adidas Brand Management

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The aim of this paper is to audit an international brand comparison to its competitors.

Adidas Brand Management

The third section of this report outlines the conclusion of the research and finding on Adidas. Finally, this paper provides recommendations for Adidas. Adidas is one of the Managekent leaders in the global footwear and sportswear industry. It is a designer, developer, manufacturer, Adidas Brand Management seller of varieties of footwear and sportswear items along with training materials, apparel, equipment, and services. Adidas ensures quality and interiority along with affordable prices for all levels of consumers.

Promotional Strategies

Adidas has a number of sub-brands. The main sub-brands Adidas Brand Management Adidas and their activities are included in Appendix 1. Therefore, Adidas has been able to attract its potential and target customers by providing strong, positive, and high-quality products. Adidas has improved its brand awareness through promotional techniques and both digital and conventional marketing link.

Strategic Management

Then, Adidas ensures quality products with integrity and affordable prices for all customers that increase its brand perception among the target and potential customers. Next, Adidas is very innovative and creative in bringing new ideas and provide an attractive design that increases the brand appearance of Adidas Adidas Annual Report, Adidas Brand Management target group of Adidas is the urban upper-middle and upper classes.

Adidas Brand Management

The positioning for Adifas is its stands for passion for sports. The unique selling point of Adidas is it is a worldwide famous company for sports equipment, clothing, and related accessories MBA Skool, Nike and its sub-brands including Under Armour are considered as the main primary competitor of Adidas Adidas Annual Report, This is because it offers almost similar products with quality and Adidas Brand Management and reasonable prices to the consumers.]

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