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An Analysis Of The Odyssey

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The Odyssey by Homer - Book 1 Summary and Analysis An Analysis Of The Odyssey

Marginalization Of Women Analysis

The prespecctive of women in the life and time fredick douglass were that they were treated like property and not as if they were human beings. They were more like sex slaves, cleaners, punching bags and more. There are a number of female characters deep within his story that are shown and slightly underlooked.

An Analysis Of The Odyssey

Slavery, rape and beatings took an emotional and physically toll on the women and fell prey to the coward masters. Therefore lowering their inner strength and made them weak.

An Analysis Of ' The ' Of Women '

Marginalization of women, struggles of lower castes and economically backward communities haunted the nation even after decolonization. Therefore we can say postcolonial works are the documentary commentaries on poverty, caste, gender discrimination and oppression. The first strategy Sanders and Kristof use similarly is imagery. Hooters is known to having attractive women serve food with form fitting clothes on. When one thinks of women, they are often categorized into either skinny.

An Analysis Of The Odyssey

The Trojan Women was an eye-opening escapade for multiple viewers. The cruel effects of war on the world is evident; however, most forget about the heartache women behind the scenes experience. McLaughlin wrote a moving script that portrays the struggles Odtssey women are forced to face such as prostitution and slavery.

An Analysis Of The Odyssey

Parry displayed an emphasis on the art. Throughout Part One of Persepolis women and young girls are marginalized, excluded, and silenced in order show the oppressive dictatorship of their religious society. Some examples of this are how they are forced dress, the jobs they are allowed to have, the way Ahalysis must act, as well as what happens to them when they are arrested.

These are just some of the many examples of how women in Persepolis are marginalized, excluded, and silenced particularly by a.]

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