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case study student development

Los Angeles Times. It is time to be intimidated by these Dodger pitching analytics before they snatch up Wade Davistoo. McGee was released by the Rockies just days before the season began.

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McGee posted a career-worst ERA in He showed for a career-worst FIP in He showed for a World Series ring and a 2. A harsh reality exists in player development: it case study student development easier to disregard a player than it is to develop them. The Rockies may have felt they signed a refined product when they handed eight-figures to McGee, but the Dodgers proved there developmnet more refining to be done.

case study student development

It was Los Angeles that reaped the benefits; it is Colorado fans that are left scratching their heads, wondering how it all clicked. One more time for emphasis: it doubled, without a secondary pitch. In contrast, his fastball percentage with the Rockies was the lowest of his career. If is the most refined version of McGee, should someone take the blame for not making those adjustments sooner?

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Case study student development the Rockies allow McGee free rein over his development as an eight-figure salary holder, or is the franchise itself to blame for not addressing his path to success? McGee may have readily accepted anything the Dodgers told him, being that they took a chance on him and he needed to revive his career. While McGee excelled in his new environment, not everybody reaped the studenr. The perennial closer was no longer perennial down the stretch inbut the Dodgers were more than prepared.

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Pitcher development in Colorado is a necessity. For now, are left to wonder if Wade Davis will get a similar chance outside of Colorado, or if Bryan Shaw will get one outside of Denver and Seattle. If they can further refine themselves elsewhere, the developmeht prophecy will no longer be a mere case study.]

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