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Women's Roles During the Elizabethan Era Elizabethan Gender Roles.

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Queen Elizabeth I inherited the throne and came into power in after her half-sister Mary died. Elizabeth ruled in a patriarchal society and had to face both the challenges that came from her gender as well as insert herself into the politics of the day as a show of power and strength. Despite being in a male dominated culture, Elizabeth felt security in her predetermined role as Queen which allowed her the fortitude to be assertive in her political decisions as well as show benevolence to her adversaries. Maintaining power during this period proved difficult at times for Queen Elizabeth. She had to navigate between listening to her advisors, trusting herself, and doing what was in the best interest of England during various tumultuous times. She had inherited a climate fraught with religious turmoil, poverty, and various foreign policy issues. Since she had a birthright to the throne, she did not have to win over her subjects, instead focused on projecting an image worthy of a fervor loyalty. Elizabethan Gender Roles

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Elizabethan Gender Roles

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Elizabethan Gender Roles

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