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My Literacy Speech

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How to Incorporate Literacy into Speech Therapy My Literacy Speech

Yes, we are all humans but we are wired differently, as we think in different ways and see through different eyes. If this is true, My Literacy Speech why should we all look through the same lenses in education? For this reason, visual literacy is so important in the classroom. Meaning develops from personal learning; what I see may not be what a child sees p.

My Literacy Speech

Even children could look at an image and see two totally different things, which then results in two different meanings. It all depends on what the image means to each child.

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Individuals make meaning according to how they perceive what they are looking at. Price talks about how we use our senses to acquire knowledge.

My Literacy Speech

Visual literacy in the classroom opens new doorways for students to share how they have come to understand something. Understanding the importance of visual literacy will enhance teaching instruction. As an educator, by implementing a visual literacy approach I am not ruling out any student because of how I perceive as their lack of understanding. Actually, it may as well be my lack of proper instruction.

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Not everyone is a strong writer or may even convey him or herself in the best verbal manner. In order to reach the My Literacy Speech students effectively we must broaden our idea of how literacy should be instructed. Implementing graphs, diagrams, tables, webs etc. In this videoGeorge Lucas shares his thinking on why expanding our ideas about visual literacy is so important. Take note at time marker the interesting idea that Lucas has about a class name change to the English and Language Arts classes we grew up attending.

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Visuals can help the flow of teacher instruction as well as help students remember concepts more easily. Personal Side Note:. I love love love teaching with visuals!

My Literacy Speech

Having a visual that relates to the topic of instruction is so much more fun and interesting than just hearing my voice all day. Yes, I actually enjoy creating fun pictures or slideshows for my students even though it is time consuming.]

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