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Claudio Monteverdi by Bernardo Strozzi Widely regarded as the first operatic masterwork. Its Venetian context helps to explain the complete absence of the moralizing tone often associated with opera of this time. In Giasone Cavalli, for the first time, separated aria and recitative. Giasone was the most popular opera of the 17th century. Ninth of the eleven operas that Cavalli wrote with Faustini is noted for its satire of the deities of classical mythology.

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Often considered to be the first genuine English-language operatic masterwork. George Frideric Handel by Balthasar Denner, Noted for the richness of its orchestration.

The Works Of The Opera Billy Budd

Became a model for many of the opera buffas that followed it, including those of Mozart. Both this opera and Alcina enjoy high critical reputations today. Wofks a court entertainment, a revival proved extremely popular with French audiences. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart aged 21 in By over 70 productions of the opera had been produced and it had been performed in all the major European cities. The first work in which the composer tried to reform the excesses of Italian opera seria.

The Works Of The Opera Billy Budd

The first opera seria in English. Composed when Mozart was 14, Mitridate was written for a demanding cast of star singers. Last of three that Haydn set to libretti by Carlo Goldoni. Gluck used a libretto originally set by Lully for this French work, his favourite among his own operas. Another Singspiel with much spoken dialogue taken from plays of that time, the plot of Der Schauspieldirektor features two sopranos vying to become prima donna in a newly assembled company. Only French opera of the Revolutionary period to be regularly performed today. A famous showcase for sopranos such as Maria Callas. An early Rossini work, this opera is outright farsa comica. In this opera Rossini drew upon French rescue opera. This work was originally conceived of as a sacred drama suitable for performance during Lent. Another Romantic-era opera inspired by the works of Sir The Works Of The Opera Billy Budd Scott.]

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