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It has od to the same author's story " The Zahir " revised Book of Sandcontinuing the theme of self-reference and attempting to abandon the terribly infinite, and to his story " The Library of Babel " about an infinite library. The story was first published inin Spanish, as the last of 13 stories in a book of the same name.

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An unnamed narrator is visited by a tall Scots Bible-seller, who presents him with a very old cloth-bound book that he bought in India from an Untouchable. The book is emblazoned with the title "Holy Writ," below which title is emblazoned "Bombay," [1] but is Book of Sand to be called "The Book of Sand" He trades a month of his pension and a prized "Wiclif Bible" [1] for the book and hides it on a ot behind his copy of One Thousand and One Nights. Over the summer, the narrator obsesses over the book, poring over it, cataloging its illustrations and refusing Book of Sand go outside for fear of its theft.

Book of Sand

In the end, realizing that the book is monstrous, he briefly considers burning it before fearing the possibility of the endless supply of smoke suffocating the world. Instead, he goes to the National Library where he once worked like Borges to leave the book among the basement bookshelves, reasoning that "the best place to hide a Book of Sand is in a forest.

Book of Sand

The story retitled The Sandbook was turned into an experimental dance piece by Esther Linley's dance company for the Donaufestival in Austria. The soundtrack to the piece was written by German musician Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Roedelius also featured as an actor in the piece.

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The story was adapted by the Saudi filmmaker Bader Al-Homoud in his oof film [3] and was selected as an official honoree in the 18th Annual Webby Awards in Book of Sand The Dutch composer Michel van der Aa created for the Holland Festival a digital interactive song cycle based on this story, with Kate Miller-Heidke as performer. The Book of Sand. This article is about the short story. For the short story collection in which it was published, see The Book of Sand short story collection.

Book of Sand

Retrieved Fantasyshort story.]

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