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Cheerleading On The Sidelines

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fa cheerleading sidelines Cheerleading On The Sidelines

As we know there are many different types of cheerleading out there today. Non-cheerleaders may not realize or understand the differences between them.

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Although they all share some of the same concepts—such as stunts, tumbling, cheers, and motions—they also differ. As far as recreational goes, from my experience, less emphasis is put on its importance than other sports.

Cheerleading On The Sidelines

You learn the basics such as motions, standard jumps, and chants. When I first started coaching my team, it was difficult because the program was very basic and they have never had a coach with real cheerleading experience.

Cheerleading On The Sidelines

I built them from just doing chants to doing full routines with stunts, tumbling, cheers, and dances. By doing Sidelinea, I gave them a taste of having the full cheer experience and in result, parents want to re-register each season. Recreational cheerleading is great for beginners. Cheer Tips. History of Cheerleading Pom Poms.

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