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Education A Way Of A Better Life Video

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to enjoy a better life - Educational Video for Kids.

Teachers at Washington state's Northshore school district spent the past week figuring out how to teach students to do science Education A Way Of A Better Life at their kitchen tables, or jumping jacks in their home basements instead of gym class. After the area saw some of the nation's first confirmed coronavirus infections, Northshore teachers learned two weeks ago that — ready or not — they'd have to lead the way on what's likely to become the largest experiment in online instruction this country has seen. Teachers, administrators and parents leaned on each other as they tried to figure things out on the fly. As Educafion Monday afternoon, 35 states, including Washington, had mandated school closures in an effort to slow the spread of the virus; at least Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

As school leaders look for ways to minimize the disruption to children's learning — and try to avoid extending the school year through the summer — teachers at thousands of schools all across the country are scrambling for ways to teach children who are holed up at home. Preparing schools to move instruction online is a massive undertaking, said Keith Krueger, who heads the Consortium for School Networking, a membership organization for school LLife leaders.

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Many Bettee and their students are likely to learn — as teachers in Northshore did last week — that there are creative and effective ways to teach and learn remotely. Brittell, the district's union leader, said he watched a middle school art teacher livestream a still-life drawing class using paper and pencils that kids had at home. He here a kindergarten teacher read a story aloud on video, then upload it to a website for students.

But he also saw many ways that this approach was deeply inequitable, squeezing out Waj without access to computers. Not every child has a parent or a caregiver available to keep them on task, and the online approach wasn't able to meet the needs of all students, especially those Education A Way Of A Better Life disabilities or who aren't fluent in English, he said. Like most educators who work in traditional K schools, teachers in the 23,student Spectroscopy Infrared And Spectroscopy district had very little training in online instruction. Most had largely used curriculums designed for the classroom, where a teacher can see which kids are struggling by glancing around the room.

But when a number of people who had contact with district schools tested positive for the coronavirus, the teachers didn't have much time to figure it out.

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They got source quick training, mostly in tools like Google Docs and the videoconference platform Zoom, Brittell said. That's more than many of their peers in other areas received. In many of the states where governors mandated school closures, the order went into effect immediately or with just a day's notice — not even enough time to learn how many students have access to technology at home. Northshore was in a better position than many communities. Voters in the district, which stretches from Lake Washington near Seattle to the foothills of the Cascade mountains to the north, had approved several tax hikes to raise money for technology in recent years.

That meant the district had enough computers and internet hot spots to make sure students had access, and teachers worked quickly to put materials online. Her son's teacher decided not to Education A Way Of A Better Life her classes but rather to post minute videos that showed her, for example, teaching a math lesson.

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Her son wrote his assignments in Google Docs that his teacher reviewed. Ohno is luckier than most. She can do her job running a Japanese language website for the Pacific Northwest from home, and she said her son doesn't need much direction. It was a different story for Northshore father Aaron Keck, who said online education for his two children — a kindergartner and a third grader — was a full-time job. He also has a preschooler who had to be watched. He's been impressed with the quality of instruction. The this web page music teacher posted daily videos with musical activities, such as identifying the beat in Education A Way Of A Better Life song. His son's kindergarten teacher posted a welcome video every day "to greet them and explain what they're doing," Keck said.

His kids could write their answers online or take a picture of written work and send it to the teacher. But this has meant a lot of work for Keck. His third grader struggled with a difficult science lesson.]

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