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Stacy pretend play with magical toy food Essay On Pretend Play

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Prescribed reading Alderson, P. Why is it an important right to protect and enact in early childhood education and care?

Essay On Pretend Play

Explain why you think these are good or poor examples. In your discussion explain why you think these are examples of good or poor practice.

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Read pages of the following booklet carefully. Brooker, L.

Essay On Pretend Play

The Right to Play. Milton Keynes: The Open University. So, does the right to play need defending?

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What practices, expectations and trends might threaten the right to play? The ideas raised by the play booklet will help you think about your first assignment. Young children as people. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This is an e-book available from the library.

Essay On Pretend Play

Reading 3. Re-imagining Childhood pages essential reading.

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Professor Rinaldi has had a long association with the Reggio Emilia programme and Italy, and her writing provokes us to think about our images of young children and how these effect what we do as educators. For example, you may Essay On Pretend Play to listen to the following Law Report from Radio National. In Module 4 you are asked to consider provision of play spaces for children.

Read Reading 4. Available as an e-book from the library Reading 4. Lester, S. Reading 4. Learning and teaching through play.]

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