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This paper uses a regression discontinuity design to estimate the effect of home computers on child and adolescent outcomes by exploiting a voucher program in Romania. Our main results indicate that home computers have both positive and negative effects on the development of human capital. Children who won a voucher to purchase a computer had significantly lower school grades but show improved computer skills. There is also some evidence that winning a voucher increased cognitive skills, as measured by Raven's Progressive Matrices. We do not find much evidence for an effect on non-cognitive outcomes. Parental rules regarding home work and computer use attenuate the effects of computer ownership, suggesting that parental monitoring and supervision may be important mediating factors. Home computer use and the development of human capital. Human Capital Development Human Capital Development

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Click to Check. Overtime, various scholars have affirmed the role of investment in human capital on economic growth.

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Human capital is considered as the most valuable asset and needs to be mobilized Awopegba, Human capital as an economic term encompasses health, education and Human Capital Development human capacities that can raise productivity Todaro and Smith, Capital and natural resources are passive factors of production while human resources are active factors of production. Cappital capital constitutes the most valuable resource of a country; in its absence there will be the non-performance of physical capital tools, machinery, and equipment which will impede economic growth.

In political terms, investment in human capital prepares people for participation in the political processes, particularly as citizens in a democratic society. From the social, economic and cultural points of view, human capital investment helps to lead Human Capital Development and richer lives, less bound by tradition.

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It is a way to empower people; this in turn will help them contribute substantially to the growth process in the economy. Human capital investment is crucial in the growth process of the Nigerian economy. Vision seeks to improve the educational system in terms of access, equity, infrastructure, teacher quality, and cumulative Hu,an, funding and planning. The millennium development goals MDGs slated to be fully achieved in also places emphasis on human capital. As a result of this, this research work will greatly explore the contribution of health and education in the growth process of Nigeria.

Lack Human Capital Development funding is the major problem of human Capktal. This has led to shortage of skilled personnel, unemployment and above all poverty. There can be no significant growth in any country without adequate investment in human capital. A typical example is the Asian tigers; Taiwan, Singapore; whose economies experienced sharp improvements via substantial investment in human capital. Beside the contribution of education on national economic growth, it also plays Human Capital Development role in reducing income inequality, research done by Phillipe, Peter and Fabrice, and Kakar, Khilji and Khan concluded that educational achievement as well as human capital development Human Capital Development positively reduce income inequality.

In general, there is a consensus among the researchers that education influenced economic growth by reducing poverty incidence, social imbalances as well as income equality. Moreover, it gives a positive impact to the poor and needy to improve their live.

Human Capital Development

As information grows exponentially and as its incorporation in the production processes becomes increasingly complex, the ability to acquire, adopt, and adapt a new knowledge will be an important determinant of economic growth. This perhaps must have heightened the need to investigate the link between education and economic growth Isola, The World Development Reportexamined how knowledge influences development. Human capital refers to the stock of competencies, skills, knowledge and personalities attribute embodies in individuals which facilitate their ability to perform Human Capital Development for the creation of personal, economic Human Capital Development social vale OECD,labor is one of the factors of production and can also be referred to as workforce.

Thus human capital is a means of production into which additional investment yields addition output. Human capital is sustainable, but not transferable like land and other fixed capital. An effort to promote investment in human capital will be seen to result in rapid economic growth for society Olaniyan and Okemakinde, Adebayo observed that it is the human resources of any nation, rather than its physical, capital and material resources, which ultimately determine the character and pace of its economic and social development.

According to Babalola, the rationale behind investment in human capital is based on the following arguments; that the new generation must be given appropriate part Human Capital Development knowledge which has already been accumulated by previous generation, that the new generation should be taught how existing knowledge which has already been accumulated by previous generation, that the new generation should be taught how existing knowledge should be used to develop new product to introduce new process and production methods and social services, the people must be encouraged to develop entirely new idea, product processes and methods through creative approaches. In spite of all the abundant resources the Nation has been endowed with, Nigeria has failed to realize her full development potential in terms of sustainable human capital development or people oriented development like many other prosperous economies of the world that have adopted a similar strategy to boost their economic growth.

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Human Capital Development may be attributed to various measures used to measure Cappital capital development as Education, Health, Productivity, youth empowerment with no universal agreement on the measures. However life expectancy as an important health indicator whose importance as a component of human capital development continues to rise has seldom been used even though it remains at extremely low levels in a number of sub-sahara Africa countries of which Nigeria is one.

The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of proper and effective class management on teaching and learning process, specifically the study intends to:. The following research questions was formulated to guide this research arrive at a valid conclusion:. Ho: there is no significant impact of human capital on the economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Human Capital Development

Hi: there is a significant impact of human capital on the economic growth and development in Nigeria. Follow the steps below. Samphina Academy is Devslopment reputable online educational resource centre Human Capital Development is duly registered with the CAC Corporate Affairs Commission under the federal law with RC:- The complete material will be sent to your email address after making an order.]

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