Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural -

Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural

Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural - think

Women living in rural communities must often leave their community and travel great distances to receive prenatal, obstetrical and postpartum care. There are many reasons for this. For example, hospitals and obstetrics units are closing due to low volumes. According to the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center , more than half of rural counties do not offer obstetric services; only Rural communities also struggle to recruit and retain health care providers. Obstetricians are already in short supply nationally; as a result, rural communities are among those who are last served by these specialists, denying pregnant women access to the care they need. On top of that, the number of family physicians who provide high- and medium-volume labor and delivery services is also declining. Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural

Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural - apologise

A more complete continuity of care, which can include access to legacy records, supports improved outcomes for the 20 percent of Americans who live in rural areas and often have more long-term chronic conditions then their urban counterparts. Healthcare accessibility for the 57 million Americans who live in rural communities is the main driver behind National Rural Health Day. The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health has set aside the third Thursday of November since to focus on collaboration, education, communication and innovation to improve health in small towns around the country. In terms of health IT innovation, EHR adoption and interoperability have made steady gains in the last several years, but rural health providers still face challenges in sharing records. Thankfully, EHR market leaders Cerner and Epic each have addressed this critical need by adding platforms within their systems to assist rural hospitals and clinics. These EHR market leaders offer a means for rural healthcare providers to provide local care with state-of-the-art technology. This is important considering that 60 percent of Americans live with at least one chronic disease that can benefit from treatment over a long period of time. And, rural areas tend to trend higher than the national average for seven main chronic diseases, including: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. Providers of all sizes, and in all locations, need to have a technology game plan that makes medical records — both active and historical — accessible. As a pioneer in patient, employee, and business record archiving, Harmony Healthcare IT has worked with more than clinical, financial and administrative software brands in the areas of data consultation , extraction , migration , and retention.

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Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural

Rurality and access to higher education. The articles in this Special Issue of Compare interrogate these disparities by focusing on how rurality mediates access to higher education and to employment.

Rural and primary health care center funds numerous SC rural health projects

They are positioned within a complex global environment in which inequalities persist, not only between the global South and global North, but also intra-nationally between urban and rural populations. Many of these inequalities are visible in all the articles in this Issue, irrespective of context.

Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Rural

To justify further our use of global South and global North, the Educationn is the term used by those such as de Sousa Santos to refer to nations whose knowledges have been subjected to epistemicide. The articles in this Special Issue reveal the inequalities in access to resources in rural contexts, how economic and social change is differentiated between rural and urban and how colonialism continues to deny or marginalise particular knowledges.

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