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Leadership A Strong Leader

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How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek Leadership A Strong Leader

Social distancing, wearing facial masksrestrictions on frequenting bars, restaurants, gyms, foreign travel, and much more.

2. Exercise Servant Leadership

Two weeks ago, the government of the Netherlands imposed heavy restrictions on foreign travel. At the same time, King Willem-Alexander went on vacation in Greece. A huge outcry followed and the king was forced to return the day after he had arrived. This illustrates that in times of crisis, more than ever, people look for authenticity in their leaders; they should set the example for their followers in attitudes and behavior. Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, author of the new book Time to Lead: Lessons for Today's Leaders From Bold Decisions that Changed Historyexplains Leadership A Strong Leader "truly excelling in authentic leadership--as opposed to demonstrating a 'normal' level of integrity and honesty in one's behavior--requires particular qualities that may not be for everyone.

In his book, Steenkamp looks at some of history's greatest leaders.

5 Characteristics of Real Leadership, According to Two of History's Greatest Leaders

Leadership A Strong Leader Below, he explains how two of them--George Washington and South African President Nelson Mandela--excelled in exemplifying authentic leadership. Given the adoration and praise showered upon them, it truly takes strong values not to be corrupted, as it does with being an entrepreneur or leader. Steenkamp writes that Washington and Mandela could not be bribed, corrupted, or compromised, despite repeated attempts by their adversaries. Because authentic leadership is leading by example, everything the leader does or says matters. Both Washington and Mandela possessed an iron self-discipline, including tight control over their emotions.

Leadership A Strong Leader

Mandela refused three times an offer of release from his lifelong prison sentence because it came with conditions, which he saw as prejudicing the Leaadership of freedom for Black South Africans. There's no question that effective leadership comes with great relationships. This fully applies to Mandela, but Washington did not really forge deep personal relations with his followers. This shows that even seminal leaders cannot have it all.

Authentic leaders have strong values about the right thing to do.

Innovate Creativity Invent Design Pivot. Top Stories. Top Videos. Early rate through December 4 Apply Now. Getty Images. Authentic leaders have strong values about the right thing to do.

Leadership A Strong Leader

Authentic leaders establish meaningful relationships with followers. How are your relationship-building skills?

Leadership A Strong Leader

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