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Narcotics Essay Narcotics Essay

Drug cartels trace their origins back in the near end of the nineteenth century.

Narcotics Essay

Those Chinese migrants, who had hoped to settle in the United States, therefore, ended up settling in Mexico instead, more so, in Arizona, Sonora, and Sinaloa. These group introduced opium, and by the 20th century, both marijuana and opium were not only grown in Mexico Narcotics Essay ultimately but also exported to the United States.


Drug Cartels and Zetas Essay. Around the s and s, small drug lords, as well as drug cartels, Narcotics Essay begun emerging, and these played the key role not only in the production of narcotics but in the exportation of the same. Nevertheless, according to Walser 3the reason behind the failure of the efforts to stop drug cartels is the mixed signals that the United States has been sending concerning the war on drugs and drug cartels.

The Zetas differ from the Narcotics Essay in many ways. One of them is their level of power and influence that makes them a threat to the cartels Molina, Otto, and Otto. When it comes to recruiting, the Zetas look for ruthlessness and other criminal qualities in the hire that would make them fearless. Narcotics Essay this effect, if the Zetas were recruiting either one of my family members or me, I would like to steer away from them.

Walser, Ray.

Drug Cartels and Zetas Essay

In order to make this drug trade possible, domestic cartels from drug trafficking Narcotics Essay control sectors within their countries and have access to the demographic resources that primarily lead to their successes abroad. These cartels carve out secret passages and routes unknown to those outside of the cartel, whereby they transport the finished products to borders prior to having the drugs transported into the new country. What is even more alarming is that this infiltration is not only immediately harmful to the individual counties and surrounding areas in which drug trafficking is occurring, but also the fact that these cartels pay off U. In this way, drug cartels are constantly expanding and are highly adaptive to their respective regions and in any conflict that should arise. Money, specifically its use in bribery, is essential to the success of drug cartels, as seen in their rise in the U.

In order to understand the success behind drug cartels, we must first carefully examine the social structure and political clout surrounding these cartels. Firstly, the geographic nature of Latin America allows for the proper harvesting and cultivation of the variety of drugs exported from there. For marijuana, tropical climates with well-nourished soil are necessary for proper Narcotics Essay the soils of Mexico, in certain areas, provide the necessary base for marijuana to be cultivated properly. A sharp increase in the demand for marijuana over the past few decades has led to the cultivation of the plant in areas not traditionally suitable for plant growth, such as western and southern United States. In the case of cocaine, which is produced from the coca leaf, it is best grown in areas with heat and humidity and thus is native to locations Narcotics Essay and around the Amazon, Narcotics Essay, and Bolivia.

Narcotics Essay

Methamphetamines, which are a man-made substance, can be made virtually anywhere in the world with the necessary base materials and equipment, and thus is relatively easy for existing drug cartels to add to their extensive line-up Narcotics Essay manufactured drugs.

The environmental impacts of drug cultivation are immense.]

Narcotics Essay

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