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Overall Features of Cover Bonds and Their Video

Pyridine Overall Features of Cover Bonds and Their

Back in the s, a series of unfortunate horse-cart accidents among poultry farmers led to a severe egg shortage.


A cry rose up from the land: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Thus, the birth of egg-set allocation. Centuries and one bad pun later, the advice is still good: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Overall Features of Cover Bonds and Their

But now we're talking about nest eggs -- the savings you've spent years accumulating, and which you plan to rely on for the rest of your life. As the maxim implies, diversity is the key to protecting your investments. It would be great to know whether stocks, bonds, or real estate will perform the best and which will crash over the next year or two -- but that is impossible. However, you can apportion your portfolio in a smart way that will offer long-term upside yet protect you from catastrophic downside so you can afford plastic surgery on your sagging backside.

In his book The Intelligent Asset AllocatorWilliam Bernstein points out that from tothe best asset allocations focused predominantly on a mix of American small-cap stocks, Japanese stocks, and precious metals. Of course, more info one in could have foreseen this, and, as Bernstein amd, "This is not a portfolio that any rational person would own. Our goal is not to find the very best allocation, because no one knows what that will be. Instead, we will help you choose an allocation that znd performed well in various scenarios and won't give you a heart attack. We'll start with our Fool's Rules for Asset Allocation Investing Best Accounts.

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Overall Features of Cover Bonds and Their

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Overall Features of Cover Bonds and Their

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