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Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism

Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism Video

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Of particular note has been the political plagiarism scandals as various politicians in the country have been accused of plagiarizing significant portions of their PhD dissertations, which they then used to obtain higher positions within the government. A new study aims to shed some light on exactly that question paywalled.

Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism

According to a report from the Times Higher Education paywalledresearchers Anna Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism and Alexander Libman, both from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany, have looked at governors that were found to have plagiarized their dissertations and compared their performance against governors of similar regions that did not. The results are probably not surprising with the plagiarizing governors performing worse on average and failing to develop their regions as quickly as their counterparts. That said, it does come with some caveats that need to be understood before reading too much into the results. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, politicians in the country began to seek ways to retain power amidst a rapidly-changing political climate.

Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism

One of the more common tools that was used was obtaining a PhD. However, many of those that sought the status symbol opted not to do so ethically. Instead, they either turned to diploma mill services that promised them quick and easy PhDs, turned to ghostwriters that would write their dissertation for them or simply copy and pasted their way to a paper and trust that, if detected, their professors would not care.

So much so that, according to the researchers, approximately Plagiarism And Online Education Plagiarism of the governors they looked at had known plagiarized dissertations. To find such instances of plagiarism, the researchers looked through Dissernet, a crowd-sourced Russian wiki that works to fight plagiarism within the country.

The service has published thousands of reports and identified many times that the number of plagiarists. Many of those caught are Russian political figures. The researchers then simply looked at the governors that were known to have plagiarized dissertations and compared them to those that did not. They used metrics such as housing construction and the proliferation of broadband internet to find objective measurements of performance.

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To that end, they found that governors that plagiarized their PhDs fared worse than their non-plagiarizing colleagues. Their incompetency and lack of ethics was actively harming the people that live under their jurisdiction. Those that willingly Plagiarksm in plagiarism may well engage in other misdeeds. The findings should shock no one. Basically, it only looks at governors from one country. Specifically, it looked at governors from Russia who, on average, defended their PhDs in their early forties, far later than most students.

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This means that we do not know how these findings apply to other regions of the world. They may simply be better plagiarists that were able to avoid detection. Finally, though the researchers sought objective standards to compare the governors on, obviously the performance of a Plagiiarism is a very difficult thing to quantify. Not only do non-quantifiable factors play a huge role in perception, there are countless other variables that could impact how well a politician achieves certain goals.

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In the end, as limited as the study is in some ways, the results are more than logical. Anyone unethical enough to plagiarize a dissertation and incompetent or lazy enough to do it in a way that gets them caught would seemingly perform worse as a political leader. To that end, this study is a warning: Citizens and governments ignore plagiarism at their own peril. Plagiarism is a warning sign of other issues. How to Find Plagiarism 2.

Contacting a Plagiarist 3. Finding the Host 4. Contacting the Host 5.]

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