President Obama s Gun Control Plan -

President Obama s Gun Control Plan.

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The National Rifle Association is one of the most powerful special interest groups in America. Our team, our mission, our partners, and more. Plus: How to contact us. We report stories that would go untold. Generous readers sustain our work. Republican control of the Senate would stymie the new administration's most ambitious gun policy proposals, but still leaves several paths for reform. President-elect Joe Biden campaigned on one of the most extensive gun reform agendas in American history. And even a best-case scenario for Democrats does not ensure they Obamw advance. If Democrats manage to gain control of the Senate, the filibuster rule and centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin may present roadblocks.

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After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School inPresident Barack Obama tapped him to draw up sweeping gun legislation. But the effort largely failed to curb access to firearms.

President Obama s Gun Control Plan

Gun violence prevention groups are keen on getting the Biden administration to act more decisively. So what, exactly, could Biden do without the support of the Senate? Here are some options for using existing laws and the enforcement power of the executive branch. On Day One, Biden could sign an executive order creating an interagency task force on gun violence prevention. Such a task force could bring together the White House, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and any federal agency that touches gun violence with the goal of coordinating the national response. What exactly does it look like? How does it impact different communities, Presudent what are the levers that we have in the federal government to be able to better address this problem?

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Such a coordinated, government-wide approach to combating gun violence has never been done before, Parsons said. For years, the ATF has been floundering without a permanent leader and with an inadequate budget. Sincethe agency has had only one Senate-confirmed director who served from He has said he will direct his attorney general to deliver within the Presixent days a set of recommendations for restructuring the ATF and related Justice Department agencies to most effectively enforce gun laws, including by increasing the frequency of inspections on ATF-licensed gun dealers. Part of the solution could be directing President Obama s Gun Control Plan ATF to reassess the type of investigations it focuses on.

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The National Firearms Act subjects certain types of weapons and accessories — machine guns, short-barreled shotguns and rifles, and silencers — to heightened regulation. The ATF determines exactly which models, components and accessories should qualifies.

President Obama s Gun Control Plan

Under new leadership, the agency could review its previous determinations President Obama s Gun Control Plan reclassify firearms and components teetering on the line of being considered an NFA weapon. Bump stocks, accessories added to rifles with the potential to replicate the firing action of a fully automatic weapon, are a recent example. After a gunman used rifles equipped with bump stocks to shoot more than people at a Las Vegas music festival, the ATF, under heavy public pressure, reclassified the accessory as constituting a machine gun under the NFA, effectively banning their sale in the United States.

Reviewing firearms and components on the basis of their potential uses instead of their stated purpose of the manufacturer would be a start. As would making the process more transparent by OObama releasing determinations instead of sending them directly to manufacturers.

President Obama s Gun Control Plan

The Biden administration could direct agencies to more efficiently collect and publish data, and prioritize data related to gun violence. Having the funding appropriated for research at the CDC and the National Institutes of Health was a win for gun violence prevention groups, Parsons said. These weapons are devoid of serial numbers or other identifying markings that enable them to be tracked to their maker, seller, or original owner. While it might be difficult to ban or prohibit ghost guns through executive action alone, there are proposals on how the ATF could use its rulemaking authority to regulate the parts needed to assemble homemade weapons.

While banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons would require legislative action, the executive has significant authority — and, in fact, a legal obligation — to regulate the importation of firearms from abroad under the Gun Control Act of President Obama s Gun Control Plan

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