Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality -

Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality

Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality - remarkable

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Courtesy of Four Necessity. Two days earlier, they were arrested after they broke into a fenced valve site and attempted to turn off emergency shut-off valves for two pipelines operated by Enbridge Inc. One of the pipelines targeted was Line 3, which has been a focal point for environmental demonstrations since an extensive renovation project was announced that would increase the amount of tar sands oil — which emit greater amounts of greenhouse gas emissions than typical crude oil — the pipeline could transport.

At the arraignment hearing, the four were each charged with a felony count of Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality and abetting attempted damage to pipeline property and a fourth degree misdemeanor for criminal property damage. The individuals charged were Brenna Cussen Anglada, of the St.

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In a Feb. The Four Necessity Valve Turners believe it is time to take personal responsibility for preventing the dangerous expansion of the oil industry, because governments and regulators have failed to do so. Around noon on Feb. Before attempting to shut off the valves themselves, they said they contacted Enbridge as a safety precaution and also offered the company a chance to close the valves on its own.

Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality

The Valve Turners livestreamed the action to their Facebook page, though it has since been removed by Facebook. Portions of the video were later posted on other social media platforms.

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In the video, the Valve Turners said that Enbridge remotely shut down one of the valves they targeted. Construction on the Rhdtoric 3 project was expected to begin early this year, with service to start later in The Catholic Workers and other activists have argued that in addition to contributing to climate change, the project endangers lands sacred to local indigenous people. Michael J. Two women who admitted recently to vandalizing parts of a controversial oil pipeline say their actions should be viewed through the lens of Catholic anti-war protests—and that climate change is the next chapter of that movement.

Both women were part of those protests but carried out the pipeline actions on Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality own.

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Now, both await trial and could face years in prison. They say they began their protest on Election Day by burning several pieces of construction equipment.

Prison Pipeline Rhetoric Or Reality

Over the next few months, they used oxyacetylene torches to cut through pipeline valves and used gasoline-soaked rags to burn electrical equipment. Their actions delayed construction by several weeks, and they stopped when they learned the oil flow had begun.]

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