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Convicts singled out for punishment in the Algerian penal system were not treated with lenience. Image: www. A number of the convicted in Algeria ended up in French Guiana and New Caledonia, sentenced to harsh work regimes. The three-way movement of convicted insurrectionists—from metropole to colony, from colony to metropole, and from colony to colony—was part of a deliberate policy by France. With not enough free settlers from the parent country willing to live in Algeria, increasing the deportees from France obviously numerically enhanced the overall French presence in the colony while providing cheap labour [Delnore, Allyson Jaye. Accessed November 9, Plantations and quarries were set up to utilise the labour of the growing prison population. Revolution of 1848

The Revolutions ofalso known as the Spring of the Peoples, were a set of insurrections that occurred in several European countries during that year. Historically, they are part of the so-called Bourgeois Revolutions, which also include the waves of Revolution of 1848 Although there were different reasons for the different social groups participating in the revolutions, the common objective was to end Restoration Europe, the political system established by the Congress of Vienna and which sought to return to absolutist structures after the defeat of Napoleon. France was the first country in which revolution broke out in Later, insurrections spread across most of Central Europe and across Italy. In some of these areas, nationalism was very present in the minds of the revolutionaries.

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Despite the fact that these revolutions ended in failure, their consequences were felt in all countries. The first, the end of absolutism, since the monarchs understood that they needed the support of, at least, the bourgeoisie to stay Revolufion power.

On the other hand, the labor movements appeared as political subjects. After defeating Napoleon Bonaparte, the European powers reached Revolution of 1848 agreement to return the continent to the situation it was in before the French Revolution. Thus, in the Congress of Vienna, held between andthe Europe of the Restoration born: the return to absolutism in the face of liberal and enlightened ideas.

Revolution of 1848

However, something had changed on the continent. Revolutionary ideals had spread and, in addition, a nationalism was beginning to appear that threatened the great central Revolution of 1848. Soon a series of revolutionary waves began that reached a good part of Europe and that received the name of Liberal Revolutions.

The first wave took place infollowed by another in in which liberal ideas were joined by nationalist sentiment.

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Inbeginning with France, another series of uprisings shook the continent. On this occasion, along with the old protagonists, a new social class born of industrialization also participated: the proletariat. The bad economic situation that several European countries were going through was one of the causes of the outbreak of the revolutions. Apart from the Revolution of 1848 and the nobility, the rest of the population had little means to survive. In addition, the measures taken by the absolutist governments worsened the standard of living of the majority. Three specific events contributed to further aggravate Revolution of 1848 situation. The first was a serious pest that affected potato crops.

Revolution of 1848

The plague particularly affected Ireland, causing the period called the Great Famine. On the other hand, two of the most important economic sectors Revolution of 1848 England went into crisis in industry and commerce. Many mercantile companies went bankrupt, increasing unemployment figures. The same happened with many factories, leaving the workers without means of survival.

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The last of the crises took place in France. There, several factors coincided that prevented traders from exporting their production. The commercial bourgeoisie was affected, which caused it to join the revolutionaries.]

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