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Mott Children's Hospital. Researchers from the Children's Hospital conducted a survey involving a sample of randomly-selected parents of children aged 13 to 17 years to examine their awareness of their teens' use of study drugs and concerns about misuse of these drugs. Fifty-seven percent of those contacted to participate responded. The researchers found that, among parents whose teenagers have not been prescribed stimulant medications, 1 percent believe that their teenagers have used study drugs. However, one in 10 10th graders and one in eight 12th graders self-reported using these drugs. One-half of the parents reported being very concerned about use of study drugs in their community. Only 27 percent of parents reported having talked to their teens about use of study drugs, with black parents more likely than white or Hispanic parents to have discussed the issue. Teens Use of Drugs

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Risk factors for drug use and drug abuse

Teens Use of Drugs - are

Teenage drug use can range from experimentation to addiction and can be treated successfully no matter where the child lands on the spectrum of use. I empathize with the array of emotions I witness when parents discover their child has used drugs. Big reactions are normal—anger, fear, sadness, disappointment, worry, confusion are all understandable emotions. Screaming, demanding explanations, threatening punishments and reminding your child how horribly they have messed up will only escalate an already explosive situation. The biggest influence on teens is the positive connection with a caregiver. When they feel that connection is being prioritized, they are much more likely to receive advice and direction. Your goal when talking to your child is to find out what led them to use substances. The key is to stay curious about the answers they have, instead of interrogating them to gather information about the incident. Discovering why they arrived at the choice to use will be more helpful than simply having details about the incident. What was it about trying the substance that seemed appealing?

Many factors motivate teens into using drugs. Such factors include peer pressure, boredom, stress, and popular culture among others. The problem is that teenage drug use brings many problems. This is why it is important for teens to avoid drug use. Parents and caregivers should also help teenagers avoid drugs.

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Most teenagers use drugs because of peer pressure. Findings from various studies show that peer pressure and drug abuse are linked. Peer pressure sways teens into doing things that they may not normally do. Social scientists use social learning theory to explain how we learn from each other.

Teens Use of Drugs

For example, when we hang out with drunkards, we gradually learn this behavior. The same case happens with teenagers. When they are surrounded by friends who use drugs, they learn the behavior. The social circles of teenagers have a strong uniformity.

Teens Use of Drugs

This uniformity leads to a greater peer pressure effect. So, if a teen is in a group that abuses drugs, chances of using the drugs are high.

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The effect is stronger when a teenager wants to fit in or be accepted by friends. Boredom may drive teenagers into using drugs. Some teens cannot Teens Use of Drugs being alone. They will Druts in any activity to avoid boredom. One way to overcome the boredom is using drugs. Maury is 28 years old fighting drug addiction. We wanted to know how he got into drugs. He said he first used drugs at the age of I was bored and decided to join a group of kids in the neighborhood. We played football for a while. After the game, two kids started smoking.

I wanted to know how it felt to smoke. That marked my first day into drugs! Luckily Maury is almost recovering from addiction. This case Tdens how boredom can drive teens into drug abuse. Most see more the music that teenagers listen to and watch make drugs seem Teens Use of Drugs. If something seems cool then, what happens next is obvious. Teenagers will surely try it. Teenagers with low self-esteem may use drugs to do some things. For example, some shy teens will use alcohol to approach people they are attracted to.

Reasons why teenagers use drugs

Others will use drugs to dance or sing. Teenage comes with lots of pressure. This is why it is common to have teen showing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.]

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