The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate -

The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate

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A former Kansas City, Missouri police officer, Dr. He has served as a trainer, consultant, and advisor to many law enforcement agencies throughout the U. He is the author or co-author of five books and numerous articles and monographs on policing issues and is a member of the Editorial Boards of various professional publications. What is the impact on law enforcement if the federal government legalizes marijuana? DLC: This question is more complex than it may seem - there is not single universal answer.

Social Attribution and The Construction of Prostitution As A Social Problem

It will have a The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate effect on federal law enforcement than state or local law enforcement. In the "big picture" the current enforcement of marijuana laws does not cost most state and local law enforcement agencies much money -- most of the state laws and local ordinances on possession of marijuana are used when an officer happens to encounter marijuana possession. Proactive drug investigations by state and local law enforcement virtually also go after sellers and distributors. Generally speaking it is rare that marijuana is singularly targeted -- Prosttitution drug distributors are supplying multiple types of controlled substances. If marijuana is legalized, then that is simply taken "off the list" but there are plenty more drugs that remain illegal.

Source the practical daily world of policing, the effect of legalization would have minimal effect and would not free up resources.

The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate

For federal law enforcement, legalization of marijuana is not a matter ending an enforcement responsibility, but likely changing the focus. If there is federal legalization of use and possession of marijuana, there will be new regulations on packaging, quality control, and taxes. Federal law enforcement, such as DEA, will probably shift their focus from criminal law enforcement to compliance enforcement.

Transaction-Cost Approaches to Prostitution: from Repression to Regulation

Legalization also does not mean that marijuana can simply come into the country without controls. Just like their are regulatory, safety and tax controls on imported liquor, there will likely be the same for marijuana.

The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate

There will likely still be criminal law Debzte against bootleg marijuana distributors because they will no doubt be violating tax laws -- just like bootleg cigarette sellers. DLC: Legalization would have no effect on terrorists' organization. The only terrorist organization that has consistently and actively been involved in drug trafficking is the Taliban, and it trafficked in Afghan heroin. While some marijuana has been sporadically trafficked by terrorists groups, it's a small part of their revenue stream -- moreover, terrorists are driven by ideology, not profit, hence a disruption in financing from marijuana which is minimal has little effect on The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate goal. The Mexican cartels are not terrorists organizations -- although they often act like. The cartels are criminal enterprises and are driven by profit, not ideology.]

The Debate Of The Prostitution Debate

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