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The International Integrated Reporting Council

The International Integrated Reporting Council - agree, very

But while there is growing confidence that an end to the health pandemic is in sight, a new report warns that a viable vaccine will not halt the spread of economic damage, which will be felt long into the future, especially in the poorest and most vulnerable communities. It charts a roadmap to a more inclusive and sustainable recovery. Connect with us. New Asian trade bloc could help boost post-pandemic investment. COVID cuts global maritime trade, transforms industry. The pandemic has sent shockwaves through global maritime transport and laid the foundations for a transformed industry and associated supply chains. Betting on the untapped potential of Angolan honey. The International Integrated Reporting Council The International Integrated Reporting Council

The coalition promotes communication about value creation as the next step in the evolution of corporate reporting. Its vision is a world in which capital allocation and corporate Cohncil are aligned to the wider goals of financial stability and sustainable development through the cycle of integrated reporting and thinking. It provides a clear and concise representation of how the organization demonstrates stewardship and how it Reportiny value, now and in the future. Integrated thinking drives an improved understanding of how value is created and enhances decision-making by boards and management. The more integrated thinking is embedded in daily operations, the more naturally this information will be expressed in internal and external The International Integrated Reporting Council. On this basis, integrated thinking and integrated reporting are mutually reinforcing. This includes, but is not limited to, providers of financial capital.

Integrated thinking pushes organizations to bridge business units and functions, time horizons, and internal and external perspectives to evolve the business model and strategy.

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Through this bridging process, organizations benefit from reduced organizational silos, a clearer understanding of cause and effect, and improved decision making. The integrated report is the most visible and tangible product of integrated reporting. In simple terms, this means thinking holistically about the resources and relationships the organization uses or affects, and the dependencies and trade-offs between them as value is created. In applying this mindset, the organization views itself as part of a greater system, one shaped by the quality, availability and cost of resources, as well as evolving regulations, norms and stakeholder expectations.

The International Integrated Reporting Council

Paragraph 1. Its principles-based approach encourages Reportibg to communicate their unique value creation story, while at the same time enabling a sufficient degree of comparability across organizations. Core disclosures include information about the business model, strategy and resource allocation, performance and governance. An integrated report can be either a stand-alone report or included as a distinguishable, prominent and accessible part of another report The International Integrated Reporting Council communication. Although the combined report offers a one-stop shop for organizational information, it can also suffer several drawbacks. Whereas each component report had a well-defined purpose, and was prepared with a specific audience and set of information needs in mind, the consolidated report is inevitably larger in volume and broader in scope.

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In this case, it Internationql the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. By contrast, the content of here integrated report is viewed through a fine lens: value creation over time. Notably, the integrated report is intended to be more than merely a summary of information found elsewhere; rather, it makes explicit the connectivity of information in the context of value creation.]

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