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Analysis of Jason and The Golden Fleece Analysis of Jason and The Golden Fleece Analysis of Jason and The Golden Fleece

Medea is known in most stories as a sorceress and is often depicted as a priestess of the goddess Hecate. She aids Jason in his search for the Golden Fleece out of love, assisting him with her magic and saving his life in several quests, playing the role of an archetypal helper-maiden, before abandoning her native Colchis, marrying him, and fleeing with him westwards where they eventually settle in Corinth.

Euripides' 5th century BC tragedy Medeaarguably the best known adaptation of the Medea myth, depicts the ending of said union with Jason, when after ten years of marriage, Jason abandons her to wed the king's daughter Creusa while Medea and her sons by Jason are to be banished from Corinth.

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In revenge, she murders Creusa and the king with poisoned gifts, and later murders her own sons by Jason before fleeing for Athens[2] where she eventually marries king Aegeus. Other traditions mention several other causes of death for Medea's sons.

Analysis of Jason and The Golden Fleece

What happened afterwards varies according Goleen several accounts. Herodotus in his Histories mentions that she ended up leaving Athens and settling in the Iranian plateau among the Aryanswho subsequently changed their name to the Medes. There have been many different accounts of Medea's family tree. This is where scholars have begun to question the rest of Medea's genealogy.

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Medea then marries Jason, although the number and names of their children are contested by different scholars. Euripides mentions two unnamed sons whom Medea Analysis of Jason and The Golden Fleeceothers have suggested three sons Thessalus, Alcimenes, and Tisander annd sons Mermerus and Pheres or a son and a daughter Medeius and Eriopis. Scholars have questioned whether her son Medeius is source son of Jason or of Aegeus, but Medeius goes on to become the ancestor of the Medes by conquering their lands.

The importance of Medea's genealogy is to help define what level of divinity she possessed. By some accounts, like the Argonauticashe is depicted as a young, mortal woman. She is directly influenced by the Greek gods through Hera and Aphrodite and while she possesses magical abilities, Fleecd is still a mortal with divine ancestry.

Other accounts, like Euripides' play Medeafocus on her mortality, although she transcends the mortal world at the end of the play with the help of her grandfather Helios and his sun chariot.]

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