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Explaining Caste Discrimination in Bengaluru Caste Emphasis On Discrimination Caste Emphasis On Discrimination

Review Society. The work of anthropologist Louis Dumont, who would have been years old on the 1 st Augustremains hotly debated see a recent analysis of his political thought on this site.


The latest example is by American anthropologist Kamala Visweswaran, who reconsiders the notions of culture, race and caste in social sciences and addresses core issues in the sociology of Caste Emphasis On Discrimination. Anthropology is at the core of these debates because this discipline, since the pioneering work of Franz Boas, appropriated the description of differences in the name of cultural relativism that viewed itself Castr an antidote to racism. To understand this shift, Kamala Visweswaran questions the history of anthropology by considering displacements and modes of operation of these notions among major authors whose works have left their imprint on the discipline.

Caste Emphasis On Discrimination

It is mainly these developments chapters 2 to 5 that we discuss here. The issue is whether caste, as a social morphological characteristic, is peculiar to the Indian society or if there are castes outside India.

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Dumont criticized these authors for one main reason. They authors selected some morphological characteristics of caste that they transposed in American society, ignoring the fact that these elements cannot be isolated from the system that gives them meaning. Certain aspects of caste can be compared with relations that link Whites and African Americans in the United States, but one cannot speak of castes in the sense of the caste system of India. Furthermore, Dumont maintains, the theory of hierarchy gives meaning to a Caste Emphasis On Discrimination characteristic of race relations in the United States which has been overlooked by most of anthropologists.

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Dumont emphasizes three main points. It is as if it were representing in an egalitarian society a resurgence of what was differently and more directly and naturally expressed in a hierarchical society.

Caste Emphasis On Discrimination

Make distinction illegitimate, and you get discrimination; suppress the former modes of distinction and you have a racist ideology. This is the reason why the legal abolition of slavery does not ipso facto transform the white-black racial distinction.

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He isolates certain characteristics of master-slave relations while ignoring the fact that slavery is an economic, social and political system that cannot be reduced to a hierarchical dimension, as he himself corrected later without modifying his analysis. Why do the most eminent works of this discipline not permit a thinking of discrimination based on caste? The Indian government, headed then by the rightwing nationalist Hindu party, the Bharatya Janata Party, firmly opposed this attempt, which also generated a lively resistance from Indian sociologists situated more on the left of the political field. Caste Emphasis On Discrimination to the opinion defended by Dalit organizations, the dominant view that emerged from the conference was that race relates to biology and caste to social system, and therefore that casteism was not at all comparable to racism.

Caste Emphasis On Discrimination

The unforeseen consequence of this move is that anthropologists have left an empty space that the notion of culture comes to occupy, to the Cqste of embracing everything and explaining nothing any more. The work thus takes a very interesting turn when Kamala Visweswaran makes unknown links suddenly appear between three figures as different as W.]

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