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The Washington Redskins name controversy involved the name and logo used from to by the National Football League NFL franchise located in the Washington metropolitan area now known as the Washington Football Team. Native American groups had questioned the use of the "Redskins" name and image since the s; the topic began receiving widespread public attention in the s. The team initiated a review which resulted in the decision to retire its name and logo, playing as the Washington Football Team pending adoption of a more permanent name. Native Americans demanding a name change included tribal nations, national tribal organizations, civil rights organizations, and individuals. The Washington team was only one example of the larger Native American mascot controversy , but it received more public attention because modern dictionaries define the name as derogatory or insulting and because the team has its home in the nation's capital. The name controversy was a factor in the team's departure from Washington, D. Support for continued use of the name "Redskins" came from the team's owners, management, the NFL Commissioner, and a majority of fans, which include some Native Americans. Supporters said that the name honors the achievements and virtues of Native Americans, and that it was not intended in a negative manner. Some, such as former team president Bruce Allen , also pointed to the use of Redskins by three high school teams, two on reservations, that have a Native American student majority. The Debate Over The Native Americans

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The Debate Over The Native Americans

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The Debate Over The Native Americans

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The Debate Over The Native Americans

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