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Social justice is the idea that all people should have equal access to health, wealth, justice, and opportunities. Choose a social justice issue such as systemic racism, access to clean water, access to education, Indigenous rights, disability rights , etc. Explain the issue and its effects on a specific community and context, and identify one way that someone can be involved in promoting more social justice on the issue. Required elements of the research paper:. The most successful essays will narrow the topic to allow for a well-focused discussion of your argument and reasoning. Each essay question involves a two-part argument, and both parts should be identified in the thesis statement. First, you must explain the issue and why it matters. What Social Justice Issues Are You Most

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The night after Election Day, rioters took to the streets of Portland armed with guns, knives, hammers, and fireworks. Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Church is a small parish that takes pride in its service to the poor and downtrodden in Old Town Portland. Many parishioners were indignant. The notion that we can have Christianity without Christ—a neutered fraternity among men without doctrinal commitments, beliefs, or convictions of any sort, save the vague good-feeling of one toward another—is perhaps the central error of our age. None is good but God alone.

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Social justice -- is it still relevant in the 21st century? - Charles L. Robbins - TEDxSBU What Social Justice Issues Are You Most

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Nov 21st, You have now developed your skills in recognizing and using pathos, logos, and ethos; using sources appropriately; integrating quotes into your work as support for your ideas; and evaluating the completeness of an argument. It is time to integrate these skills into a project that demonstrates your expertise. For our last project, you may write about any topic that clearly relates to the very loose theme of our Justlce, social justice issues. I have listed a few examples below, but you may focus on any issue that interests you. If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of your topic, ask me about it, and be read article to post it on the Blackboard Discussion Board for my feedback.

What Social Justice Issues Are You Most

Below are the specific requirements for this assignment:. Everything following your thesis statement must clearly work to support it; I. Your sources must be scholarly, and where they are not, bias must be identified. Popular sources must be counter-balanced by scholarly sources. Below are a few examples of social issue topics. As long as your work What Social Justice Issues Are You Most deals with some social issue, however, you may write about anything you like. These are merely examples:. Should it be done away with, or is it an important and necessary policy?

If so, how does it exist? Where do we see it at work in our society? What steps should be taken if any to address this issue? In what ways are people misunderstanding or misrepresenting this issue? You could instead focus on male privilege or heterosexual privilege as well.

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Can music rightly be blamed for societal ills like those listed above? How so? In what ways does sexual objectification work within US culture?

What Social Justice Issues Are You Most

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What Social Justice Issues Are You Most

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