• 10.05.2019
  • Hamburg
  • Hafenklang
  • Clubshow
  • DE
  • 11.05.2019
  • Esbjerg
  • Esbjerg Fuzztival
  • Festival
  • DK


GENRE Alternative / Psychedelic / Rock
HOME Rotterdam, Netherlands

David Eering (Guitar, Vocals) / Hans van Heemst (Bass) / Davy Boogaard (Drums)


THE MACHINE is a power trio from the Rotterdam area (NL). Their music characterizes itself as powerful with a lot of dynamics: ranging from hard-hitting rock to spaced out jams with a more experimental approach. Their very own sound is a compromise between organic and groovy drumming, inventive low end pounding and a punishing wall of guitar with some old school lead work. Rooted in heavy rock, THE MACHINE refuses to be pigeonholed and prefers a modern experimental approach to the well known concepts of yesteryear.


Since forming in 2007, THE MACHINE released several albums, toured Europe a couple of times and played at some amazing occasions – among them at the Roadburn Festival (2010 & 2011), Burg Herzberg Festival (2011), DunaJam Festival (2012) and Keep It Low (2013). They’re currently signed to Elektrohasch Records.


The summer of 2015 will see the launch of Offblast!, the band's fifth full-length release. Elektrohasch Records will make the album available on both CD (June) and LP (August). Offblast! is the anticipated successor to 2012's Calmer Than You Are and 2013's split album with the now defunct Sungrazer. Offblast! consists of six tracks, clocking in just over 50 minutes. The overall character of the album is a logical reflection of the band's evolution. THE MACHINE showcases a focus on improved song-writing and a better sense for melodies, while digging deeper into the more aggressive attitude they already displayed on the aforementioned split album. Continuing the heavier riff-oriented approach of the previous two releases, the power trio also gave in to their heavy psych side by recording two lengthy instrumental pieces.


With a fat but breathing production, THE MACHINE wants to offer the energy and atmosphere of the live shows. Stay Tuned!