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GENRE Psychedelic Doom / Stoner Rock
HOME Dallas, Texas (Usa)

Kent Stump (Guitar, Vocals) / Ryan Lee (Bass) / Michael Walter (Drums)


You can wade through as many press quotes about “Texas-sized” as you want or see how many top-whatever lists WO FAT have made since the Dallas trio got started in 2003, but none of that is going to be the same as staring down their swampadelic fuzz groove for yourself. If you want to know the monster, shake its hand.


In 2014, WO FAT released "The Conjuring", their fifth full-length and second through Small Stone Records. Like their last two, 2012’s "The Black Code" and 2011’s "Noche del Chupacabra", it’s a heavy-riff/heavy-jam blast of a time – the kind of record that turns the vaguely interested into converts and that makes the corners on squares look even sharper. Guitarist/vocalist Kent Stump, bassist Tim Wilson and drummer/backing vocalist Michael Walter are jazz-combo tight and their roll is easy and natural, like you remember Fu Manchu being, but bigger-sounding and in the case of "The Conjuring", darker as well.


There’s been a creature lurking in the woods since Wo Fat’s 2006 debut, "The Gathering Dark" – their second album, 2009’s "Psychedelonaut", pulled back on the threat some to lighten the mood – but whether it’s the motor-driven rush of “Read the Omens” or the you’re-already-lost-in-it riff-exploration of 17-minute closer “Dreamwalker,” "The Conjuring" is indeed a backwoods ritual. Bluesmen have sold their souls for less.


WO FAT pushed their jams farther than they’ve ever gone before on these last five tracks. And if you don't know them yet (shame on you!), check it out now!